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8th March 2021

A letter to Parents and carers of children and young people with SEND, their families and those who support them from Vicky Ford MP.

4th January 2021

Dear Parents/ Carers,
Please see below information about South Tyneside Local Authority online events sharing information for parents of pupils with newly identified Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.
If your child is in Nursery or Reception, you will find the Early Years event useful and for year groups 1- 6 the Primary and Secondary event.

18th December 2020

If your child has recently been diagnosed with Autism, you may wish to attend the Early Bird programme which is designed and hosted by our Local Authority Educational Psychologists.

To find out more, please attend one of the zoom information sessions below or contact Mrs Newbrook in school if you would like to find out more.

1st December 2020

SEND Parents/Carers Quick Christmas Survey with Prizes

This survey is aimed at parents and carers of children and young people with SEND and we would be grateful if you could spend two minutes to tell us how you get information and advice to support you and your child/young person. We will use what you tell us to make it easier for parents and carers to find the information and advice they need.

For a chance to win a fantastic prize in our Christmas draw leave your details at the end of the survey. You could win one of the following:

  • A Christmas hamper with the ultimate festive selection of festive treats for all the family to enjoy (worth £95)
  • A £30 Amazon voucher
  • A £20 Amazon voucher

All responses must be submitted by Monday 21st December and we will be drawing the winner on Facebook live on the 22nd December at 12:30pm so be sure to follow us on Facebook

Click the link to take part



25th November 2020


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Parents/carers of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities are invited to take part in a virtual SEND Transition Meeting being held next month.

The Zoom meeting, on Wednesday December 9th at 1.30pm, is being held by Healthwatch South Tyneside and will include guest speakers from South Tyneside Council, South Tyneside College and Kooth providing updates and services that can support families and their children or young people.

The full agenda can be downloaded here:

To join the Zoom meeting:

Meeting ID: 816 5534 6785
Passcode: 748538


Monday 8th June 2020

Our friends at Stronger Together have told us about some FREE parent online workshops funded as part of the DfE Early Years SEND programme for the North East region.

Managing sleep on 9th June

Speech, Language and Communication on 16th June

Please sign up if you’re interested.


Monday 1st June 2020

Here is  a joint ministerial letter from Minister Ford, Parliamentary-Under Secretary of State for Children and Families, and Minister Whately, Minister of State for Care, to children and young people with SEND and their parents and carers.

Covid 19

The World Health Organisation have created a story book for children aged 6-11 years about COVID 19 that is also available in different languages.

My Hero is You Story

Public Health England have produced guidance to families on promoting children’s mental health and wellbeing at this time.

Guidance on supporting young people’s mental health during Covid-19 pandemic


Living Paintings Audio App

Living Paintings’ daily Soundcloud channel.  Each day they are offering a fantastic track from their Living Paintings’ audio library. Whether you’re self-isolating, home-schooling during social distancing or simply need to unwind from a day at work, they’ve got something for everyone – of all ages. Tune into their selection of tracks for mindfulness and story time, nature trails and celebrity chat every day! You can also access the channel through their Facebook page.

Daily Sound Lounge


Think Ninja App

As a direct response to the current crisis, Healios have updated ThinkNinja with specific COVID-19 support scripts. The new content brings self-help skills and knowledge to young people (10-18 years old) who maybe experiencing increased anxiety and stress during this time.

Healios have also made ThinkNinja open to all young people during the crisis, so it is freely available to everyone across the UK.

The new COVID-19 content provides an opportunity for young people to understand the following aspects:

* Fears relating to the virus

* Isolation struggles and how to stay connected to family and friends

* Worries about personal health and health of family members

* Coping techniques to use during the crisis

* Other helpful tips


If you want to know more about ThinkNinja please go to the following website:


Resources for parents for children with SEND can be found below


RNIB advice and support for parents re COVID-19