Please see expectations and Links below to online learning:

Reading Maths Talking
Please read a story daily with your child. 

Activities for phonics and reading can be found on Purplemash in the mini mash section.

Please count everyday objects to 20, counting on and back, one more one less, putting items into pairs and counting in 2’s. 

Activities can be found on  Purplemash in the mini mash section.

We will provide links to online activities which will encourage you to talk to your child about the topic each day. Activities can be found in Purplemash in the mini mash section

Week Commencing 1st March

The Three Little Pigs

Week Commencing 22nd February

Horrible Histories

Week Commencing 8th February 2021


Week Commencing 1st February 2021

Starry Night



Week Commencing 25th January 2021

Transport in Space

Week Commencing 18th January 2021


Week Commencing 11th January 2021


Week Commencing 5th January 2021

Culture Week – England

Hi boys and girls! How are you? We hope you are safe and well.     The next few weeks are going to be a little bit different as you will be working at home with your grown ups! For some of our children, you have already had to work in this way recently, you were amazing and smashed it! Continue to make your teachers immensely proud. 

We need to do this to keep each other safe and can’t wait until we can all be back together in school when it is safe to do so. 

Week Commencing 7th December 2020

The Jolly Christmas Postman

Week Commencing 30th November 2020

The Gingerbread Man

Week commencing 13th July

Virtual Sports Week

Week commencing 6th July

Week commencing 29th June

Week commencing 22nd June

WC Monday 15th June

Hello everyone

We just wanted to thank you for your continued support and co-operation with our distance learning, during such uncertain times.

We love to see all of your lovely work and all of your smiley faces too! It really brightens up our day!

From this week the way we share our planning and activties will be changing slightly, the content and the type of activtities will be similar, it will just look different. We are planning a whole week however you have the flexibility where you can choose which activities you would like you complete and when.



Friday 12th June

Good morning nursery!

Next week, some of our nursery friends are coming back to school. We are therefore changing the way we plan on our distance learning page. We will be providing weekly planning, with a range of activities that you can do throughout the week.  Look out for the new format on Monday!

Today, we have a number job for you to do.  Make some number cards. Put the correct number of pegs onto the number card. Use Peter Pointer and Tommy Thumb to open the pegs.  Use your careful counting skills to check you have the correct number of pegs on each card.

Take part in another dough disco session today, its good to get moving on Funky Friday!

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Thursday 11th June

Good morning nursery friends!

We have plann some interactive Maths and Literacy activities today.

Number jumps

This maths job is also a good activity to get your child active indoors.

You will need a dice for this activity, if you don’t have one you can download a dice app on your phone.

Roll the dice and encourage your child to count the dots. Remind them of ‘careful counting’  show them how to point to each dot and count one number for each dot. Whatever number is on the dice ask your child to jump that many times.

You can challenge your child to see how many jumps they can do. Count them together if needed, then talk about the number and show them what that looks like using, blocks, bricks etc. show them how to write the number and even ask them to try and write it themselves.

Name tracing

We have planned another little activity to get your child more familiar with their name, help them notice what letters are in their name, the shape of the letters and how to write them. Please remember and refer to the letter formation rhymes.

Write your child’s name on a chalkboard, give them a paintbrush and ask them to trace the lines with water. They will be amazed when they notice it disappears!!

This can be done on a larger scale outdoors with chalk on the ground.




Wednesday 10th June

Good morning nursery!

We hope you are all well and staying safe 🌈

It’s that time of the week again where we head over to the forest school page for today’s activity.

We hope you are enjoying Superworm and all things worm related as we are continuing with that theme!

We look forward to seeing some of your creations.



Good morning nursery! Unfortunately, last week we experienced some technical difficulties and were unable to share the activities at the end of the week

Here are the activities that we had shared. We hope you enjoy doing them today and tomorrow!!

We are following on our Superworm theme with these activities. Read the story again or use the following link to listen to the story. Discuss what the children can recall and see if they can answer some questions about the story.


Today we have another activity linking with Superworm….

Super Moves!

Superworm has many abilities and many moves. How many super moves can you do in 1 minute?

How many skips can you do in 1 minute?
Can a grown up time you? Check your counting!
How else can you move your body like Superworm.
Can you hula hoop for 1 minute?
Can you use your body as a swing– swing your arms?


Worm Dance

Worms come to the surface when they hear the rain on the ground. Sometimes noises
convince them it is raining and to come up. Can you make up your own rain dance to make
the worms appear?

The weather has changed and it has been raining outside, maybe you could have a look in your garden to see if you can see any worms.


Washing up Bowl Maths

Find a bowl and selection of containers suitable for using in water pouring activities. These might include pans, jugs, empty milk containers, plastic mugs, etc. Ensure the water is at a safe temperature. Let the children empty and fill with the water. Which container holds the most? How many cups of water go into the pan? How many does it take to fill an egg cup? By using a washing up bowl, or a large mixing bowl you will be able to keep the quantity of water down to a minimum to avoid wastage. The children can scoop the water from the bowl into the receptacles.

Can we change the water? Fill a collection of different containers with water. It could be old yoghurt pots, butter containers, etc. Add food colouring to them, using different colours and stir. Do they all look the same now? Try adding a drop of bubble bath to a container. What happens when you mix it in? Does it bubble? Does it smell different? Did it float on the surface before you stirred it around?



Also, last week, we looked at name recognition. Can you also practice writing letter formation for the letters in your name? Use the little rhymes we provided to aid the formation.

Wednesday 3rd June

Good Morning everyone

This week’s theme is Superworm!! Head over to the forest school page to hear Miss Tucker read some of the story; she has also planned some great activities linking with the story.

Name recognitoion

In preparation for starting reception, we would be encouraging your child to look at the letters in their name and developing their ability be able to identify their own name.

Using a large sheet of paper write your child’s name, amongst a range of other names, and ask your child to find their own name. Challenge them by writing their name along with other names that start with the same letter.

Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning nursery friends!!
How are you all feeling today? Are we still singing the feeling song daily? Remember to discuss how you are feeling and why you feel that way.

Today, we have a link for Purple Mash, Maths city. There is a range of maths activities on there for you to explore. You could try making your own racket using paper shapes too! Can you recognise and describe all of the shapes you have used? You could also try racing your own vehicles at home. Make a ramp and see which one comes 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.


Monday 1st June

Good morning nursery!!!
We hope you’ve had a lovely half term and are all still safe and well!! It was very sunny. Did you have fun in the sunshine? Draw us a picture of something you did! You can draw it on paper or you could draw it on the paint section of mini mash. Remember to save your work in your tray so we can see how great it is!
In nursery, we take party in dough disco sessions, using play dough/ plastercine. It really helps us move our fingers to develop our fine motor control. We thought you might like to try it at home so here is a short clip of a days of the week dough disco activity…

Also, at the weekend, our butterflies came out of their cocoons!! We were so excited, they look so pretty!

Friday 22nd May

Good morning nursery!!
Today it’s Friday and the last day before our half term holiday!! We miss you all and hope you are all staying safe so we’ve recorded a little message for you all!!


Your children have been working hard with their number recognition targets and we have loved looking at your photos of their learning! Today, we would like you to do some ordering of these numbers! For example, if your target is recognition of numbers 0-5, firstly, can they recognise each of these numbers? Next, try to challenge them by asking which order the numbers should be placed in?  This could be done by simply writing the numbers on small pieces of paper and accidentally dropping them, mixing them up, then asking them to rearrange them for you in the correct order.
You could write numbers onto stones or pegs for example and then ask the children to order them to make their own number line.

Science activity

We think the children will be excited to see what different items and materials they can “huff and puff” and get to move with their very own air! Use the items on the sheet below or use your own.

Remember there are lots of activities for you on Purple mash daily. Here are some links to activities related to building and houses! This was what the 3 little pigs needed to do to make their new homes. Save your house designs in your tray and we can have a look at your fabulous designs.

Thursday 21st May

Happy Thursday nursery friends.

It was world bee day yesterday so Miss Tucker has planned some lovely bee forest school activities. Check out the forest school page and join in the fun!

Fred talk time

Our phonics activity this week includes using rhythm sticks! You may not have rhythm sticks at home but you can use wooden spoons or any other wooden sticks.

This time your child will be sounding out the word using ‘Fred talk’. Give you child a word and get them to tap out the sounds of the word using the sticks. e.g. ‘pot’ would become ‘p-o-t’. If they find this a bit tricky you can model it for them and then get them to repeat it. Remember to always blend the word. So with this activity you will start with the word, sound it out and then say the whole word again.



Wednesday 20th May

Good morning nursery!

Today we have planned a crafty day linking to our theme this week.

Lockdown craft

Some of you may already have made something like this but we thought we would share this little craft idea to remember lockdown. We think it is super cute!


Story props

Props are a great resource to develop children’s imagination skills. Today we are asking if you could make some of the characters from the 3 little pigs. If you managed to make any of the houses yesterday, your child could then use the props to engage in role play and act out the story.

We would love to see your photos and/or videos!

Please remember to work on your child’s number recognition target, you should all have the sheet with the little rhymes to help your child form the number correctly. We have added the links to purple mash and to some short numberjacks clips. We have linked number 4  but choose the episode which is appropriate to your child’s number target. These short clips are also good for introducing subitising and 1 more and 1 less.





Tuesday 19th May

Good morning nursery!

We have some exciting news regarding our caterpillars. They have started spinning their cocoons!

Today we are encouraging you to read the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ again. Try and answer the questions below, recalling the key events in the story.


Which house took the longest to build?

How did the Big Bad Wolf destroy the straw and stick houses?

How do the pigs beat the Big Bad Wolf in the end?

What was in the cooking pot?

Why don’t you try making a story map, detailing the main events. How much can you remember?

Also, why don’t you try making this little craft activity. Collect sticks from your garden to make the stick house!

Monday 18th May

Happy Monday nursery friends!

We hope you had a lovely weekend and are all staying safe?

This week our theme is ‘The 3 Little Pigs’, this is a traditional tale that you will already be familiar with. We wanted to share with you a lesson provided by the National Oak Academy. There are also some little added activities you can do (they are differentiated for nursery) you don’t need to complete these, as long as you listen to the story.

You all know we love a song in nursery! We wanted to share this now so you can sing it throughout the week. This will help to recall the story.

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Mental health

This week is mental health week and it is all about ‘being kind’

Within the EYFS the themes of Positive relationships and a Unique Child enshrine good practice for wellbeing, including the following factors for all children:

  • feeling loved, trusted, understood, valued and safe
  • being interested in life and having opportunities to enjoy themselves
  • being hopeful and optimistic
  • being able to learn and having opportunities to succeed
  • accepting who they are and recognising what they are good at
  • having a sense of belonging in their family, setting and community
  • feeling they have some control over their own life
  • having the strength to cope when something is wrong (resilience) and the ability to solve problems

We are going to ask you to discuss with your child what it means to be kind. Discuss why a small act such as tidying something up without being asked, saying thank you to someone or giving them a hug, or helping a friend with something they are struggling with like homework may help to put a smile on somebody’s face.  The create your own box of kindness.

‘Small Acts of Kindness’ activity

Make some little cards to show kind actions, your child could draw or take photographs, discuss how these acts might help somebody and what the feelings for the giver and the receiver might be.

Emphasise that this isn’t about spending money on doing something to help somebody but it is about the act itself. A small act can have a huge impact. E.g. smiling at somebody who is unhappy will help them feel that someone has noticed and cares.

Put the cards in a suitable ‘kindness box’

Ideas for small acts of kindness:

Smile at 5 people today

  • Ask someone to join in a game
  • Help to organise or sort out toys at home
  • Write a letter or card to a friend
  • Give someone a compliment
  • Make a special effort to say thank you
  • Draw a picture for someone
  • Say thank you in a different language to your own 6 times today


Encourage your child to share their ideas for small acts of kindness they are going to do.

Encourage your child to think how it makes them feel to give or receive a small act of kindness?

Try and add one a day this week.



Friday 15th May

Good morning nursery!! It’s Friday again!! The week has flown over, we hope you’ve enjoyed our Hungry Caterpillar theme? It was great to see your counting caterpillar activities yesterday!
We have some more caterpillar themed activities for you to try today….


Fred talk

It’s time for some more Fred talk…. with a caterpillar twist! Make your own caterpillar posting box, print or draw some pictures to post, these don’t neccessarily have to be linked with the story. Sound the word out from the picture using Fred talk, your child can then post their picture once they have blended and said the whole word!

If you want to keep it simple and get going straight away you don’t have to make a posting box and picture cards, you can simply sound some words out for your child and ask them to blend and say the word. To make it a little more fun you could even try clapping as you say each sound!


Get moving 

We like to get moving in nursery, so we have added some ideas to encourage your child to move in different ways, following the butterfly life cycle. For this activity demonstrate the different positions and the names linking to the movement. Ask your child to run around and then randomly shout out ‘egg’ ‘caterpillar’ ‘cocoon’ ‘butterfly’, your child should then join in with the correct action.

Thursday 14th May

Good morning nursery! We hope you’ve been enjoying ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ activities as much as we have?

We have 4 of our own caterpillars and they are getting very big now, just like the caterpillar did in the story!! They have been eating lots and lots and we think they will begin to spin their cocoons very soon.  We will keep you updated on their progress!

Today we are going to provide some craft activities related to the story.

The story explains the life cycle of a caterpillar, so we thought it might be nice to make your own caterpillar life cycle today.  This could be a drawing or if you have paint available, you could make your own handprint life cycle like the one shown below.


Make caterpillars of different lengths. Dip a finger in the paint and make your prints close together to look like caterpillars ( or just draw.)

How many body parts has he got?

Count together and then talk about how many there would be if there was one more. Look at adding more, explore adding different amounts. How long is he now? For example, use the language of first, then, now etc.

First he had 8 body pieces, then we added 2 more, now he’s got 10 in total.

If you don’t have any green or want to take this further why not create your own pattern caterpillar and describe his pattern!

Wednesday 13th May

Hello everyone

Miss Tucker has planned a fantastic phonics task and some outdoor activities linking with our story ‘the very hungry caterpillar. Head over to the forest school page and have fun!

You will have noticed our story this week includes the days of the week. So we wanted to share another song with you all, it’s another ‘catchy’ song and will help your child learn the days of the week.

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Tuesday 12th May

Good morning nursery friends

We hope you all enjoyed the very hungry caterpillar story, this is our story of the week this week and have some great activities linking with it. 

Today we are going to see if your child can remember what happens in the story and if they can sequence and order the story and the life cycle. You can use the sheet below to help your child with the recall and use the words in bold as ‘wow’ words. Focus on this key vocabulary.

We have also set a little sequencing task on purple mash, please click into the ‘hungry caterpilar’ to find this activity.

We ask if you could continue to read this story everyday this week if you can. We will have another recall activity at the end of the week and think you will be impressed with how much they can remember after lots of repetition.

Props really support children’s learning and engagement when reading stories, why don’t you get crafty and make some of your own? We have added some examples:

We all love singing in nursery so we also want to introduce the ‘tiny caterpillar’ song, this will also help your child sequence and recall the life cycle of a butterfly.

Tiny caterpillar on a leaf song:

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Monday 11th May

Good morning everyone!

Thank you for sharing your VE Day celebration photographs with us, it looks like you enjoyed your special picnics!

This week, we are going to be focusing on ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ story, doing a range of activities surrounding this theme.

If you have the story at home, read it with your child, encouraging recognition of days of the week, counting food items etc. If you don’t have the story at home, follow the link below, to hear the story read by the author, Eric Carle.

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Have a little look at the suggested questions below, they will give you some ideas of what questions to ask your child while sharing the story together or even after the story.


Thursday 7th May

Which one with Fred

For this activity, you will need a selection of familiar objects (e.g. leaf, sheep, soap, fish, sock, bus). Double check that your child can recognise each object.
You can either tell your child that you are going to be doing some ‘Fred talk’ or you can use a toy/teddy/picture of a frog and use your prop as ‘Fred’. If you wanted to be extra creative and get your child’s imagination going, you could use a sock as your puppet!
Ask your child to listen while ‘Fred’ says the names of one of the objects in sound talk, they need to listen carefully so they can help to put the sounds together and say the word!
Sound out the word leaving a short gap between each sound and then encourage your children to say the word and identify the object.
Finally, ask your child to repeat the sounds and blend them together. Repeat for each object.

VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations

Today, we thought you could start to prepare the food ready for your picnic.  Using the ingredients you have in your house, you could make sandwiches, cakes, a fruity punch drink etc.

Are all of your decorations up and ready for the VE day celebrations? Please share your photographs of your picnics, decorations and celebrations with us tomorrow!


Wednesday 6th May

Good morning nursery friends

Head over to the forest school page to take part in this week’s outdoor activities.

Nursery, action rhymes and songs

Singing songs and saying rhymes can help your child to hear the sounds in words and help develop early language skills.

Sing some familiar number and counting songs, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … Once I caught a fish alive. Other songs such as Ten Green Bottles or three little speckled frogs are great, we have attached examples below. Challenge your child to say the numbers in reverse order, which can be especially helpful when young children start thinking about adding and taking away.

Three little frogs sitting on a well

Three little frogs sitting on a well
One leaned over and down he fell
Frogs jump high
Frogs jump low.
Two little frogs jump to and fro.

Two little frogs sitting on a well
One leaned over and down he fell
Frogs jump high
Frogs jump low.
One little frog jump to and fro.

One little frog sitting on a well
He leaned over and down he fell
No frogs jump high
No frogs jump low.
No little frogs jump to and fro.
They there are swimming in the bottom of the well!

Make sure you encourage your child to hold the same amount of fingers up and bend one down at the appropriate time. Ask them to ‘check’ and count their fingers.

To challenge your child, increase the number of frogs.

Five Little Firemen

Five little firemen standing in a row,
1 2 3 4 5 lets go.
Jump on the engine with a SHOUT,
As quick as a wink the fire is out.

Four little firemen standing in a row,
1 2 3 4 shhh lets go.
Jump on the engine with a Shout
As quick as a wink the fire is out.

Three little firemen standing in a row,
1 2 3 shhh shhh lets go.
Jump on the engine with a Shout
As quick as a wink the fire is out.

Two little firemen standing in a row,
1 2 shhh shhh shhh lets go.
Jump on the engine with a Shout
As quick as a wink the fire is out.

One little firemen standing in a row,
1 shhh shhh shhh shhh lets go.
Jump on the engine with a Shout
As quick as a wink the fire is out.


Dough disco!

We had some lovely feedback about the dough disco activity so we thought we would share another one with you today, keeping with the theme of nursery rhymes:


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Tuesday 5th May

Hello Nursery! Did you manage to find out some information about VE day?
We are sharing these posters today, because we thought you might like to get involved too.

Today, we are going to start to make some crafts to decorate our homes, ready for Friday!!
Colour or paint and cut pieces of red, blue and white paper into strips (ask your grown up to draw your lines and you can use your scissor skills to cut along the lines).
Use your coloured strips to make a repeated pattern paper chain. I wonder how long you can make it? Send us photographs of your long paper chains!

Phonics- Fred Talk

Last week we introduced ‘Fred Talk’

Speaking like Fred helps children to understand that words are made up of sounds. Use Fred Talk throughout the day to help children practise blending sounds together.

Play a game of ‘Fred says’…

  1. Say: Fred says put your hands on your h-e-d. Ask children to repeat. Pause to allow children to jump in with the whole word and do the action.
  2. Say: h-e-d, hed. Ask children to repeat.

Repeat with: b-a-k, t-u-m, l-e-g, h-a-n-d, f-u-t, n-ee, r-u-n, s-k-i-p, h-o-p, s-t-o-p



Monday 4th May

Good morning nursery, we hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!! This week, we are going to be doing a range of activities, all about a special day called VE Day.  This year, we are celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day with a special Bank Holiday on Friday 8th May…that’s this Friday!!

Use the link below to find out some information and look at photographs from Newsround, all about VE day.  Have a discussion with your grown-ups about VE day. Do you know anyone that was alive 75 years ago? Can they remember anything about the day? Did they have a special party in the street?

Also, here is a useful link to some fabulous free resources that you can print off and decorate at home or use for inspiration ideas.

Stick shapes

Collect some lolly sticks/coloured pencils/pens/twigs, ask your child to arrange their chosen resource into the shapes shown below:

Talk about the shapes, what is the name of this shape? How many sides does it have?

This is a great activity for shape recognition but also develops fine motor control as the children arrange the items.


Friday 1st May

Good morning nursery!! Thank you for sharing your fabulous Supertato work!! We love your creations!

Today, we have a little cutting activity for you to try. Try to encourage one handed cutting, making small snips at first and then progressing onto cutting continuously along a straight line. Encourage children to hold the paper with their other hand. If you can do this easily, progress onto cutting along curved lines or even zigzags. You could use the example template below and copy it onto a piece of paper. You could also try to draw your own face and cut it out!!

Another nice idea for your memory books would be to make yourself into a superhero!! Using your cape you made yesterday, or any dressing up outfit if you prefer, help your grown up to chalk some buildings onto your pathway/drive/yard. Strike your best superhero pose above your drawing and ask your grown up to take your photograph. Hey presto, there you are flying through the sky….


Continuing with the superhero theme:

Potato Pattern Prints

Create superhero-like art by printing with your potatoes!

Use different colours to make patterns. You might want to assemble other veggies and use them to print with!

Grown ups please help your child to cut potatoes in half. (Remember you can use up the sproutyones for this!) If you can, pick potatoes of different sizes so you can talk about large and small designs.

If using other veg talk about what size and shape you think that might make e.g. a carrot, a circle –a big circle at the top and a little one if we use the bottom.

Find some colours of paint and some paper to print on. Get printing, talking about position, printing in groups, use of colour, shape and how much space between your prints.

Grown ups you can also help to make more complex shape printers by cutting the veg a bit more….





Thursday 30th April

Well done to everyone doing our activities this week, we have loved looking through your photos!

There are many people who are proving themselves to be real life ‘heroes’ during this time so for today’s activities, we are going to be looking at Superhero’s again.

Superhero capes 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️

Why dont you make your very own superhero cape?

You can use an old t- shirt, pillow case or anything that will be suitable and safe!
You can then decorate it as you wish.
We think using masking tape to make your design, you could put on your child’s name or initials, then using a sponge, dab around the design/letters. When you remove the masking tape it looks great! Very effective!



We read Supertato in Nursery just before school closed. The children really enjoyed listening all about Supertato and the other vegetables!  If you have this story at home, you could read it again, or we have provided a link below to listening to the story being read aloud online.  Why not try to make your own Supertato using a spare potato? Can you add a little mask and cape to your potato superhero? Or, alternatively, you could design your own supertato on Purple Mash.  Use describing words to describe your supertatos’s special powers!!

Supertato Story-

Purple Mash drawing page-

Wednesday 29th April


Good morning nursery!

Miss Tucker has planned some fabulous forest school activities for you all, the theme is Dandelions!!


Letter formation

We have noticed a lot of children are starting to write letters now, this is fantastic! We have attached a copy of the letter formation rhymes, please refer to this, to prompt you child or if you see them spontaneously attempting to write letters.


Number hunt

For this activity use your child’s number recognition target, if your child doesn’t have one just yet, start with 1-3.

Hide the appropriate numbers in sand, water, rice, if you want to get messy even jelly! Make a a sheet with the same numbers on, as your child finds a number ask them to identify the numeral and then match it on the sheet.



Tuesday 28th April


Good morning nursery friends!

We hope that you enjoyed your phonics activity yesterday. We will continue to use more ‘Fred talk’ and blending words together, so watch out for more fun activities to help develop this skill.

Tape towers

Attach different lengths of masking tape to the wall, door etc. Ask your child to use duplo/blocks/bricks and build towers to match the lengths. Ask your child to order the towers by height, starting with the smallest, how many bricks they have used? which tower has more?

If your child uses colour bricks, look at the colours together, can you make a repeated pattern? (blue, red, blue, red, blue, red)

Your child can further develop their measuring skills on purple mash, using the link below:


Story baskets

When sharing stories with your child, try and find some objects at home to use as props from the story you are reading. You can even make your own! Keep them together along with the book and then you have made your very own story bag/basket/tray. This type of activity is perfect to help your child to independently recall the story, to learn and use new words and to develop their role play skills by acting out the story.

Share the story basket together but also leave it out so that your child can independently access it too.

We have attached some examples below:


When your child is retelling their story, they could use the following programme on purple mash to document it!


Action songs

Action songs are fantastic! They help to develop many different skills including creative language, listening skills, following instructions, motor development and even numbers! Here is one that we love in nursery:

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We cannot be held responsible for this song getting stuck in your head and random outbursts of singing it out loud! Haha!



Monday 27th April


Happy Monday everyone

We wish we were welcoming you all into nursery today. Instead we hope you are all staying safe and enjoy the activities we have planned for you.


Today, we will be focusing on our phonics, we are still working on initial sounds so here’s a little activity for your child to practise:

If your child is confident at hearing initial sounds we would now recommend oral blending activities. When we introduce blending activities we use ‘Fred talk’, Fred is a puppet we use as part of our phonics scheme, Fred can only speak in sounds, not whole words.

For example Fred would say d-o-g, we would say dog. Your child is taught to hear sounds and blend them together in sequence to make a word. We start with blending oral sounds, then progress to reading the letters and blending them together to read the word.

For this activity, you need to provide a range of objects, e.g. leaf, dog, doll, bat, bag, sock etc. Display the objects in front of the children. Say to your child…’I would like you to give me the s-o-ck’, saying the sounds to your child, can they recognise that you are saying ‘sock’? When your child says ‘sock’ repeat the sounds together and then the word, ie. ‘Yes, I said s-o-ck….sock’. Repeat for all of the objects displayed. Eg. d-o-g….dog, b-a-g….bag etc.

We have added a short clip below to demonstrate exactly how we say the sounds:

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Number recognition/formation

Remember to look out for numbers in your environment and when out on your walk. You can find numbers everywhere…. look in your library books to see which ones you recognise in there.

We have loved looking through the number formation work that you saved on Purple mash, in your trays. Please continue to practise your recognition and formation for a few minutes, daily.

You can also use the formation rhymes we sent home before school closed.  Practise formation in a variety of ways to make it more interesting…in sand, with a paint brush and water, chalk on your path etc.



Friday 24th April

Good morning nursery.

We have such lovely weather to enjoy our gardens, yards or walks whilst keeping safe.

Please go to the forest school page for this week’s outdoor activity


We hope you’re having a lovely time, sharing stories at home. What are your favourite books? Can you hear any ‘rhyming rainbows’ in your stories? Remember to move your hands to make a rainbow shape whilst you say the words that rhyme!! Can you suggest your own rhyming words? (These can be real or made up words) Eg. Cat- hat, dog- log, house- mouse, zoom- poom.

Thursday 23rd April


Good morning nursery friends

Today is St. George’s Day! We are going to be celebrating by making our very own shield and paper roses.

Paper roses

Step 1- Draw a spiral on some red paper

Step 2- Ask your child to cut along the spiral line, they might find this a bit tricky, that’s okay just let them have a go! Using different paper you could also ask your child to cut along straight lines or even use their scissors to snip the paper, this will help develop their scissor control and help to maintain an appropriate grip.

Step 3- begin to roll up the spiral from the outside, you could also use a pen or pencil to wrap it round.


St George’s Day shields

You can use card or paper to cut out a shield for your child, then it is time to get creative….

Ask you child to decorate their shield, they can choose how they want to decorate it. If they choose bright collage materials, talk about the different colours and shapes, you could also encourage them to make a repeated pattern e.g. a row of red,yellow, red, yellow

We have added some examples:

We have also attached a short, appropriate story to share with your child and help them understand this celebration.


Clap for our Heroes

Every Thursday, lots of people go outdoors and clap to show our appreciation for the people who are helping us fight the virus!! If you are awake at 8pm, stand outside of your front door and clap. If you want to make even more noise, you could make your own musical instrument! If you are in bed at 8pm, you could make one for your grown up to use!!

Wednesday 22nd April

Hello nursery superstars!

We hope you are all well and enjoying the bright, sunny days.

In nursery the children love to use the different areas and different materials to draw pre-writing shapes, sometimes they might be challenged to write letters from their name too!

As well as the traditional mark making tools e.g. pencils, pens etc, the children enjoy writing in the sand and in the messy mark making area (usually things like flour, glitter, lentils etc).

With the lovely sunshine we know a lot of our nursery friends would choose to play outdoors so we would use the big chalks, paintbrushes and water, even mark making in the mud!

Today’s activity is for your child to use a variety of tools/materials to draw lines and other pre writing shapes or even letters from their name.

We can’t wait to see the wonderful and creative ways you come up with and the fun you can have.

To get those little hands and fingers warmed up your child can join in with a ‘dough disco’ session delivered by Shonette Bason-Wood. You will need some play-dough for this, if you want to make your own we have added a recipe:

Play-dough recipe

2 cups of plain flour

1 cup of salt

1 desert spoon of cream of tartar

2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

2 cups of water

Food colouring or paint

Place all ingredients in a large pan, you also add the colouring at this point.

Over a gentle heat stir everything together until combined and pulling away from the sides.

If it is still sticky cook a little longer, if it is really dry add a little drop of water.

Empty onto a work surface and knead until soft and pliable.

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Tuesday 21st April

Good morning Nursery!
Today, we have another phonics activity for you. Before Easter, we played an ‘Eye Spy’ game where we focused on initial sounds. Can you play that again today, looking for people this time? For example, ‘I spy with my little eye, someone whose name begins with ‘R’…’s Ryan!! What is the initial sound in your name? mammy/daddy etc?
Why don’t you make a handprint craft, using the initial sound in your name? you could draw round your hand and decorate it if you don’t have any paints! Here are some examples below.
We have made the  ‘H’ handprint for our surnames….Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Hair. Please share your handprints with us on the Valley View Facebook page.


Alphabet slideshow

Please access the alphabet slideshow on purple mash:

With this programme you will be able hear all of alphabet sounds rather than the letter names (you hear the letter names in the alphabet song), it is very important we teach the children the sounds first. As you go through the slideshow it shows a number of images that have the same initial sound, you can press on the sound icon to hear the name of each picture. Remind your child of the initial sound.


Sharing stories

We know many of you incorporate sharing a story into your child’s night time routine but please remember to read as much as you can with your child at home.

Reading to your child improves their vocabulary and listening skills, and acting out stories is a great way to practise communication. Seeing you enjoy stories also primes your child to be an enthusiastic reader.


Monday 20th April

Good morning nursery!! We hope you enjoyed Easter time and that the Easter bunny visited your home?  Can you draw us a picture of you doing special at Easter (eating chocolate eggs, playing in the garden, having a special meal etc), either using the Purple mash programme or on paper?

Also, here is a special Maths scavenger hunt for you to try!! See if you can find the objects and use your careful counting to count them!


Friday 3rd April

Good morning everyone! We hope you are all staying safe and well in your homes.  Today, we are providing a range of activities that you might like to do over Easter time.

Following on from the story ‘we’re going on an egg hunt’ we have some activities for you:

Egg box play

Use an empty egg box (or ice tray) to use as sorting trays. Draw on the bottom of the egg box, numbers in order. Go hunting for small objects of the same amount to put inside.

Talking together 

I wonder what kind of objects will fit?

If we put 3 eggs in our box, can you move them around and show me 3 in a different way?

Will we need smaller or bigger objects for bigger numbers?

Number or shape hunt

Go hunting around your house and garden for numbers and shapes! you could use a phone, camera or tablet to capture what you find. Sing like in the story!

“we’re going on a shape hunt, we’re going to find them all, we’re really excited hurray for shapes today!”

Point out numbers or shapes in the environment and let you child take photos of them. Encourage them to spot the shapes.

How many did we find altogether?

How many of each shape or number?

Bunny tails

Use cotton wool to make bunny tails, if you can ask you child to roll them into balls. Discuss the shape and size and can you group into big, medium and small sizes.

Use clothes pegs to pick up your bunny tails and put into a bowl/container. Play a song and then count how many you can get.

Can you beat your score?


Easter Story

Watch the Easter videos on the cbeebies website using the link below.


Easter crafts

Use an old kitchen roll/ toilet roll to make your own Easter chick.

Decorate an Easter egg on Purple Mash using your favourite colours and patterns.

Make your own Easter egg design, using a range of arts and crafts. If you have any spare eggs at home, decorate a hard boiled egg! Please share your designs on our school Facebook page, we’d love to see them!

Discuss patterns when decorating, zig zag, wavy, stripes, dots.

Talk about what colours you are using, “can we mix these colours to make them darker or lighter?”

Make an Easter card to give to someone special.  Here are a few designs to give you some ideas…



Please stay safe whilst online.

It is really important to chat with your children on an ongoing basis about staying safe online. Please use the link below for more information and online safety stories-


Thursday 2nd April

Following on from our class topic, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, look at these ginormous beans! In nursery we had observed that our beans were getting ‘taller’ and they were ‘growing’.

How are your beans growing? They must be very tall by now!

Can you draw a picture of your beanstalk? Use language associated with size to describe your beanstalk.   Can you make a castle for your beanstalk to grow up towards?


Wednesday 1st April

We are now mid way through week 2! We are so proud of you all for being so resilient (children and parents!) and for working together to continue to support your child’s development and education. Parents as partners at it’s best! You are all amazing!

Please head over to the forest school page for today’s activity 🌿🌱


Tuesday 31st March

Good morning! Thank you for sharing your number formation practice on Purple mash yesterday, we are so proud of your work!



Today we have a listening job. Our phonics activity today is ‘I spy’. Play ‘I spy’ with your child, focussing on listening and awareness of initial sounds. For example, ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ‘t’. Ask children to suggest a range of possibilities, such as ‘table’, ‘tree’ etc. Repeat the words back to the children, placing emphasis on the initial sound.

To extend this activity you could give your child a letter (choose from ‘s’ ‘a’ or ‘t’) and ask them to find as many objects as they can starting with the letter.


Monday 30th March
Good morning nursery!!

Tony Chestnut – We wanted to start the week on a happy note, so here is a link to another one of our favourite songs. It always makes us giggle in nursery, we challenge you to keep up with the actions!!

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Work on your child’s number recognition target. Look at the number rhymes provided and chant them with your child. Look out for your target numbers around your home in reading books, on recipe cards, tv remote etc.
Use your Purple Mash login to access the numbers and counting section. Click on the boy with the shapes and then ‘Number Paint Projects’ to practice your number formation. Save your work in your tray so we can have a look at your lovely number work!




Friday 27.3.2020

Good Morning Nursery!

Thank you so much for the feedback and photos that we have received so far. They have literally brought us so much joy! Please keep them coming 😊

We hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine 🌞

Stay safe everyone!


In nursery we have been learning how to measure 📏 During our ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ topic, we measured different size beanstalks and the giants footprints. We have also been looking at which object is the tallest and which is the shortest.

To help develop this skill for your child, ask them to use what you have available, blocks, bricks, cubes etc (as long as they are the same size) to measure objects around the home. When they are counting the blocks (or whatever you choose), remind them of our counting rule ‘careful counting’ and to double check.
When they have counted ask your child which is the tallest/shortest.

If you want to challenge your child ask them to scribe the number.

Please reinforce the vocabulary ‘tallest’ and ‘shortest’.

Also, as an additional activity please see the link below and complete one of the measuring activities:

Music and Movement

We have added one of the songs from the ‘sticky kids’ programme, this is a specifically designed programme for young children, to develop their physical skills and to get them moving.

When you click the link it will take you to the allocated song, ‘stand up, sit down’, this one seems to be a favourite! But feel free to explore their YouTube  channel and join in with any of their songs!

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Enjoy and have fun! 



Thursday 26.3.2020

Good Morning Nursery!

Continuing with our superhero theme, ask your child to make their own superhero. We are aware you might not have access to the range of materials we have in nursery, so make it as simple or as creative as you like. Here is an example:

Then ask you child to think about what their superpower could be, give them some examples like being a good friend, working hard, helping, sharing, being kind etc..

If you want to challenge you child, ask them to write a list of their superpowers!

We would love to see some of your work and creations so if you want to share some photos with us that would be great 👍


🎵  How do you feel today? 🎵


We have now managed to get the permissions to share with you our feelings song ‘how do you feel today’. Many of you will already be familiar with it from our stay and play sessions and our children are certainly familiar with it… they love it! I’m sure they will help you with all the words and expressions.

This song is part of our daily routine and helps the children identify, talk about and manage their feelings from a very young age.

We are so happy to be able to share this with you all as we feel it is very important to help give the children some normality. Also an opportunity to talk about how they are feeling at a time when things are very different.

In nursery we share the song first and then ask one or two children how they are feeling, we then ask them to think about why/what is making them feel that way. Please encourage your child to use a ‘wow’ word. The children are very good at offering their own ‘wow’ words now but here are just a few examples for consistency: the children might use splendid, fabulous, amazing etc instead of happy or gloomy, upset etc instead of sad.


It would be lovely if you could do this with your child at the start of everyday.

I bet you will be very impressed how the children get involved and respond to this song 😊



Wednesday 25.3.2020

Forest school activity

Good morning nursery friends. We hope you’re all okay and having lots of fun at home. It is lovely to see the sun is shining again today! So a perfect chance to get out into the garden to get some fresh air and continue your learning outdoors..we love to do that in nursery so make the most of it at home too 😊

Miss Tucker, our Forest school teacher has set some fun numeracy activities whilst you play in your garden.

-Make a nature numberline like the one above, use whatever objects you can find in your garden.

Use this opportunity to ask your child if they can identity the numbers and count using  1-1 correspondence, as well as matching the numeral with the correct amount of objects.

-Ask your child to use the natural objects to make some shapes.

-If you have sand or soil in your garden ask your child to make some patterns.

Have fun!



Monday 23.3.2020 

Ask your child draw a picture of their Mammy or another person who is special to them and encourage them to talk about why they are special, using some describing words.

You can use the interactive paint programme:

or use paper and mark making tools.

Tuesday 24.3.2020

Listen to some nursery rhymes together and point out the words that rhyme ‘Rhyming Rainbow’ e.g  ‘diddle and fiddle’ ‘dock and clock’ ‘wall and fall’

This can be extended to playing ‘I know a word’

Encourage the children to think about and play with rhyming words. The adult begins with the prompt I know a word that rhymes with cat, you need to put one on your head and the word is…hat.  At first give the child time to respond and see if the child can identify the correct rhyming word.