Key information

School is fully open.

Due to an increase in cases locally current measures include:

  • Reduced parental and large group access to school. This means large school events can not go ahead.
  • Phase bubbles to limit mixing in school.
  • Increased ventilation in school so please wear jumpers and hoodys.
  • Adults are wearing masks in communal areas.
  • One way system for parents and a request that parents wear a mask on the school yard.
  • Reduced face to face discussion at collection and pick up although phone calls and dojo are active and appointments are still possible.
  • Scholl strips are individually risk assessed. Where the trip involes no crossing of bubbles, interaction with public or is oudoors trips and visits will go ahead.

South Tyneside Local Autghority are updating the information fortnightly. This page will eb updated acordinly.


If you require any guidance, support with your or your child’s mental health, food parcels or finacial difficulties please contact the school office and we will help in any way we can.