Covid-19 Pandemic


 The purpose of this policy is to provide a reminder to all parents and carers about expected conduct during the current pandemic so that we can work together to ensure a safe and positive school environment for our children and staff.

 Key aims


We expect parents and carers to show respect and concern for others by:-

  • adhering to the timetable for staggered attendance at the beginning of the day and collection of children at the end of the school day.
  • Arriving at school at the correct time each morning. Late attendees will be refused entry into school on that day.
  • Not lingering at the school gates
  • Adhering to the 2metre social distance from others at all times
  • Leaving the vicinity as soon as you have brought your child into school
  • Using the correct point of entry and exits as indicated on your return to school confirmation letter
  • Not trying to engage teachers in discussions during drop-off or collection
  • Liaising with teachers via email or telephone to discuss any issues or concerns
  • Ensuring that school have correct email and telephone numbers at all times
  • Following guidance on travel to and from school. Where possible, avoid public transport and do not share vehicles with members from other families.
  • Informing school immediately if you, your child or any member of your family presents with symptoms of coronavirus. Ensure that you follow self-isolation guidelines accordingly.
  • Understanding that if your child becomes ill during the school day, you will be required to collect your child from school immediately and they must isolate for 7 days (remainder of household must isolate for 14 days). They will be isolated in school with a member of staff until they are collected.
  • Understanding that if another child in your child’s group presents with symptoms of coronavirus, then your child must be collected from school immediately and must self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Understanding that your child’s temperature will be taken upon arrival to school each day and if their temperature exceeds 37.8 they will be asked to sit for 15 minutes when their temperature will be rechecked. If the temperature does not go down they will be sent home.
  • Temperature will also be checked throughout the day and if a concern regarding a child’s health is raised, you will be asked to collect your child from school. Children with a high temperature will be sent home to self isolate for two weeks or if symptoms present 7 days.
  • Ensuring that your child has clean clothes on each day. You must wash your child’s clothes as soon as they return home from school each day.
  • Understanding that your child does not have to wear their school uniform and that clothing must be appropriate for PE lessons and arts and crafts activities.
  • Children will be permitted to bring in one bag with one water bottle and their coat. All resources will be kept in their bags on the back of chairs for easy access and to limit contact with other children/adults. All other resources will be provided by the school and will be for each individual. Where resources are shared for example IPads. They will be thoroughly cleaned before and after use.
  • Understand that classrooms will be well ventilated so may be cooler than normal and your child may also be undertaking some outdoor learning, therefore layers of clothing would be recommended. A hoodie or jumper for indoors is recommended.
  • Continuing to support your child and help them to understand the importance of social distancing and general health and hygiene (sneezing into tissue or crook of elbow and regularly washing hands).
  • Understanding that if your child requires nappy changes, then staff will be wearing PPE
  • Understanding that if your child requires first aid, then staff will be wearing PPE.
  • Understanding that no parents will be permitted to enter the school building during this pandemic.
  • Understanding that failure to comply with this policy may result in your child being refused entry into school to protect the health and safety of others.





This document will be reviewed in line with government changes and in line with the Mosaic Policy Review Cycle.


We trust that parents and carers will assist our school with the implementation of this policy and thank you for your continuing support.


By sending your child to school you agree by the code of conduct above.