The Great Valley View Bake Off!

As part of their creative curriculum topic of Castles, Year 6 have been researching and designing types of bread. They have learned that during medieval times, bread was a staple part of most meals. They then got to taste a range of breads, for research purposes of course, and used this to help them decide which type of bread they would like to design and bake. Our very own Paul Hollywood, also known as Mr. Tait, showed the group how to make a basic bread recipe. The children took this on board and created a set of instructions they were to follow when they came to make their bread.

There was an excitable buzz from the tent, erm classroom when the class finally got to make their own bread. Parents take note of the photographic evidence of your children weighing, measuring and actually cooking!!  The flavours varied throughout the class and all children got to taste each other’s creations. Well done Year 6, you were certainly star bakers to me! Mrs Seebacher


Forest School

Y5 and 6 visited Forest School this term to learn about irreversible changes as part of their Science topic. They were given a variety of questions to discuss and answer and a camp fire was used to make their own charcoal. The children then used this charcoal during their Art sessions. What a fantastic afternoon!

Year 6 Egg Competition 

We had a fun filled afternoon making Easter Eggs for our competition.