Mega Structures 

Y1 & Y2 are studying Mega Structures this half term.  They have had a very exciting and productive day building bridges, castles, a ferris wheel and other structures found in a playground.  They worked alongside Mr Mulholland and Valley View staff and learnt about how to make structures with strength and which 3-D shapes were useful.  ‘This is the best school day ever!’ (Y2 boy).



In Literacy, we have been looking at instructions and Traditional Tales, with a focus on Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel.

Children in Year 1 followed a set of instructions to make jam sandwiches – they were very tasty! Year 1 was very helpful by writing a set of instructions for the reception children on how to brush their teeth. We received a letter from ‘Tabitha the Tooth Fairy’ asking for our help to write a set of instructions on how to collect teeth so she could train all of the other tooth fairies (lots of children’s teeth were falling out!). Miss Gibson sent the instructions to Tabitha but a few days later Tabitha arrived in the Year 1 classroom with some of our instructions! Year 1 children were given the opportunity to ask her questions where she reminded us of the importance of looking after our teeth.

After finding a basket filled with fresh bread and a red cape we discussed who these items could belong to. The children went on to act out the story, describe the characters and setting and retell the story. Year 1 children used lots of WOW words within their writing.


In maths, we have been learning number bonds to 20, money, multiplication, sharing and measuring. Children in Year 1 started the term by practising their double bond rap – they love performing it! The children went on to learn their number bonds to 20 using ten frames and practically by adding amount of astronauts. Children in Year 1 know that when we multiply it means adding groups of the same size. The children used a variety of manipulative including numicon, bead strings, pictorial images and bottle tops to make arrays. Year 1 used their fantastic counting skills of 2s, 5s and 10s to work out the answers. The children found lots of measuring objects where we discussed what we would use them for. Year 1 explored their classroom environment to measure objects using a ruler – the children loved commenting who had found a bigger object or shorter by comparing the length and height in cm. The children used scales in grams to weigh objects of their choice. We had lots of fun measuring capacity with water.


This half term we found a space ship, helmet and gloves covered in a shiny silver foil in our classroom! Year 1 was really excited to find out where they had come from! The children discovered that these items belonged to someone who went to space – an astronaut! During the term children have been learning about Neil Armstrong, Tim Peake, writing a newspaper article about the moon landing, space events and making an art rocket picture inspired by Peter Thorpe!

Year 1 also found a cardboard box with a teddy, some wellies, an owl and a colander inside. Who do you think it was from? Baby Bear needed our help to find him a suitable hat because his head was getting wet off the rain due to the holes! We planned an investigation to find out what materials were the best to make a hat out of by testing if they were waterproof or not. The results showed plastic was a good material to use as it was waterproof. Baby Bear loved our help!