Please see expectation of and links to home learning below.

Monday 30th March 

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Ready for week two of distance learning!

Tune into Joe Wicks at 9 am!


Literacy:  Create a story using these words: vast, inquisitive, peculiar and regularly. Just like in class, it can be as silly as you like!

There has been a task set on

Continue to use Reading Plus regularly.


Maths: Check for mathletics task.

A battle between Year 3 and 4 has been set up on TT Rocks- check it out!


Purple Mash: Complete task on Egyptian Gods,

This link will help with any more facts!

Can you also draw your favourite Egyptian God?


Friday 27th March 


I hope you enjoyed your PE session with Jo Wicks. Make sure to watch regularly to keep active. I also love cosmic kids yoga on Youtube- give it a go! Well done for completing your first week of distance learning! You have been fabulous. I love to hear about the activities you’re enjoying on Purple Mash. Have a wonderful weekend full of games and relaxing with you families. 


Literacy: A task has been set on

There is the continued reading task on Purple Mash which some of you have made a great start on.

On Reading Plus, you have read nearly 7000 words in just one day! You are now as a class at 665,302 words with 227 combos! Superb work.


Maths: Mathletics task on addition.

Boys are still in the lead in our girls v boys tournament on TT Rockstars! Keep your eyes peeled for a battle against Year 3 next week!


Purple Mash: The task on creating a time line on Ancient Egypt should be continued. I have seen some brilliant work so far!



Thursday 26th March 

I would like to say how proud I am of all of you! I am loving your dedication to learning. I hope you are all well and are enjoying home learning. 🌈 If you haven’t already, why don’t you check out Joe Wicks’ morning exercise session?


Reading: There are two chapters set on Purple Mash about Ancient Egypt. Please read and answer the questions- you have until Monday to complete this.

We are up to 658,387 words on Reading Plus as a class. That’s amazing! Keep it up.

The sun has been shining so why not take your reading book outside for a read?


Maths: A task has been set out on Mathletics.

The boys are currently in the lead in our TT Rockstars battle! Come on girls!


History: Can you create a timeline of Ancient Egypt? Again this is set for Monday so you don’t need to rush.

These clips will tell you more about Ancient Egypt. 



Wednesday 25th March 


Grammar: See set task on on fronted adverbials.

Reading: Read a chapter of your reading book. Can you write a short summary? (In a nutshell… )


Mathletics: Rounding to 1000.

TT Rockstars: I have set a battle between the girls and boys which starts in the morning and ends Friday! Good luck!


Purple Mash: Digestive system quiz- can you label the key organs?

There is also an activity about the different teeth types. The following link will help with learning.  (copy and paste the link)


Keep up the hard work Year 4!


Tuesday 24th March


Grammar: Direct speech punctuation (B)

Reading: Half an hour of Reading Plus.



Mathletics: Complete task set on rounding numbers.

TT Rockstars: Complete 3 Studio Sessions



Purple Mash: Set activity on positive emotions.



Monday 23rd March



Grammar: Task set on

Reading: Go on Reading Plus for 30 minutes.



Mathletics: Complete task set.

TT Rockstars: Complete two sound checks.



Purple Mash: What do you know about Ancient Egypt?





Reading English Maths  Times tables Curriculum 
Read at least one of their reading books at home and answer simple questions or if they are on longer texts 4 chapters each day

or one unt of reading plus daily

Children will be expected to work on one section of each day Children will be expected to complete one unit of Mathletics each day TT rockstars can be completed each day.  There will be a curriculum linked activity on the school website each day. It might be watching a simple video or completing a short activity through Purple in the 2 do section.