This week, a serious crime has been committed in the Year 2 classroom! When we arrived on Monday, somebody or something had munched on Miss Lyons’ sneaky stash of food in her cupboard!

We found a series of clues and analysed them to make a prediction about what could have happened. There were crumbled breadcrumbs, a red feather, tiny footprints and a huge hole in the wall.

The next day, the corner had been cordoned off with police tape and we were sent a very important email from the police, revealing a possible suspect. To our horror, the suspect was the Highway Rat who we read a story about. We then wrote descriptions of the rat in order to warn other classes about the sly thief who is roaming around in our school.

‘He’s selfish, despicable and nasty because he does not care about his friends.’ – Grace Robinson

‘He has black, creepy eyes and an evil smile on his face.’ – Katie Bartlett

The following day we decided that the crimes had gone on for long enough. We thought that we should try to trap the rat and bring him in for questioning. We designed our traps and explained them in detail before making them in small groups.

This weekend we will set up our traps in the classroom to catch the greedy creature and then we can question him. Wish us luck!