13th October 2017

As Willow was feeling poorly today, the children ,looked after her and gave her plenty of water. The children would like to make get well soon cards for Willow!




6th October 2017

In todays session, the children enjoyed helping Willow try fancy dress outfits. After the session, the children described Willow using their senses.

Child A: Willow is as cuddly as a teddy.

Child B: Willow is a soft as a fluffy rabbit.


22nd September 2017

The children wrote a set of instructions for Miss Gilroy and Willow. They had to explain the steps for Willow, to help keep her teeth clean! The children thought of toys that may help Willow when she’s teething. Next week, the children are going to learn how to brush Willow correctly. Willow also visited Hedworth Field Primary School!




15th September 2017

Meet and Greet session. This is our pet therapy dog, Willow. She will be coming into school every Friday to see our children! The children love looking after Willow and are showing her how to be a true Valley View girl. Willow lost her first tooth today. The children wrote letters to Dotty, the dog fairy to let her know! Dotty wrote back to the children and they were so excited! Dotty asked the children to write a set of instructions on how to clean Willow’s teeth.


This is our new pet therapy puppy, Willow. She enjoyed coming in this morning for a meet and greet session with our children. She absolutely loved her visit and has now gone home for a nap!