Monday 30th March
Good morning nursery!!

Tony Chestnut – We wanted to start the week on a happy note, so here is a link to another one of our favourite songs. It always makes us giggle in nursery, we challenge you to keep up with the actions!!



Work on your child’s number recognition target. Look at the number rhymes provided and chant them with your child. Look out for your target numbers around your home in reading books, on recipe cards, tv remote etc.
Use your Purple Mash login to access the numbers and counting section. Click on the boy with the shapes and then ‘Number Paint Projects’ to practice your number formation. Save your work in your tray so we can have a look at your lovely number work!




Friday 27.3.2020

Good Morning Nursery!

Thank you so much for the feedback and photos that we have received so far. They have literally brought us so much joy! Please keep them coming 😊

We hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine 🌞

Stay safe everyone!


In nursery we have been learning how to measure 📏 During our ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ topic, we measured different size beanstalks and the giants footprints. We have also been looking at which object is the tallest and which is the shortest.

To help develop this skill for your child, ask them to use what you have available, blocks, bricks, cubes etc (as long as they are the same size) to measure objects around the home. When they are counting the blocks (or whatever you choose), remind them of our counting rule ‘careful counting’ and to double check.
When they have counted ask your child which is the tallest/shortest.

If you want to challenge your child ask them to scribe the number.

Please reinforce the vocabulary ‘tallest’ and ‘shortest’.

Also, as an additional activity please see the link below and complete one of the measuring activities:

Music and Movement

We have added one of the songs from the ‘sticky kids’ programme, this is a specifically designed programme for young children, to develop their physical skills and to get them moving.

When you click the link it will take you to the allocated song, ‘stand up, sit down’, this one seems to be a favourite! But feel free to explore their YouTube  channel and join in with any of their songs!

Enjoy and have fun! 



Thursday 26.3.2020

Good Morning Nursery!

Continuing with our superhero theme, ask your child to make their own superhero. We are aware you might not have access to the range of materials we have in nursery, so make it as simple or as creative as you like. Here is an example:

Then ask you child to think about what their superpower could be, give them some examples like being a good friend, working hard, helping, sharing, being kind etc..

If you want to challenge you child, ask them to write a list of their superpowers!

We would love to see some of your work and creations so if you want to share some photos with us that would be great 👍


🎵  How do you feel today? 🎵


We have now managed to get the permissions to share with you our feelings song ‘how do you feel today’. Many of you will already be familiar with it from our stay and play sessions and our children are certainly familiar with it… they love it! I’m sure they will help you with all the words and expressions.

This song is part of our daily routine and helps the children identify, talk about and manage their feelings from a very young age.

We are so happy to be able to share this with you all as we feel it is very important to help give the children some normality. Also an opportunity to talk about how they are feeling at a time when things are very different.

In nursery we share the song first and then ask one or two children how they are feeling, we then ask them to think about why/what is making them feel that way. Please encourage your child to use a ‘wow’ word. The children are very good at offering their own ‘wow’ words now but here are just a few examples for consistency: the children might use splendid, fabulous, amazing etc instead of happy or gloomy, upset etc instead of sad.


It would be lovely if you could do this with your child at the start of everyday.

I bet you will be very impressed how the children get involved and respond to this song 😊



Wednesday 25.3.2020

Forest school activity

Good morning nursery friends. We hope you’re all okay and having lots of fun at home. It is lovely to see the sun is shining again today! So a perfect chance to get out into the garden to get some fresh air and continue your learning outdoors..we love to do that in nursery so make the most of it at home too 😊

Miss Tucker, our Forest school teacher has set some fun numeracy activities whilst you play in your garden.

-Make a nature numberline like the one above, use whatever objects you can find in your garden.

Use this opportunity to ask your child if they can identity the numbers and count using  1-1 correspondence, as well as matching the numeral with the correct amount of objects.

-Ask your child to use the natural objects to make some shapes.

-If you have sand or soil in your garden ask your child to make some patterns.

Have fun!



Monday 23.3.2020 

Ask your child draw a picture of their Mammy or another person who is special to them and encourage them to talk about why they are special, using some describing words.

You can use the interactive paint programme:

or use paper and mark making tools.

Tuesday 24.3.2020

Listen to some nursery rhymes together and point out the words that rhyme ‘Rhyming Rainbow’ e.g  ‘diddle and fiddle’ ‘dock and clock’ ‘wall and fall’

This can be extended to playing ‘I know a word’

Encourage the children to think about and play with rhyming words. The adult begins with the prompt I know a word that rhymes with cat, you need to put one on your head and the word is…hat.  At first give the child time to respond and see if the child can identify the correct rhyming word.

Please see expectations and Links below to online learning.

Reading Maths Talking
Please read a story daily with your child. 

Activities for phonics and reading can be found on Purplemash in the mini mash section.

Please count everyday objects to 20, counting on and back, one more one less, putting items into pairs and counting in 2’s. 

Activities can be found in  Purplemash in the mini mash section.

We will provide links to online activities which will encourage you to talk to your child about the topic each day. Activities can be found in Purplemash in the mini mash section.