The nursery children have been learning about Robots!

They have been reading stories about Robots – No-Bot The Robot with no bottom and Harry and the Robots!

We have been doing music and movement activities and learning new robot songs. We have found it particularly fun leaning to move and talk like a robot!

We have been exploring various toy robots and learning about the features and how they move and work.  We have been working with the Beebots and have been learning how to program them to move in different directions. We attached pens to the Beebots so we could make marks whilst the robots moved! We have also enjoyed making our very own robots too with shapes and with construction materials.

We have been fixing poor robots whose control panels have been lost! Thankfully we have been excellent workers in the play dough and maths areas, using our careful counting to make sure that we counted out the correct number of buttons to fix them again and make the robots happy!

We have been developing our fine motor control and improving dexterity in our fingers by exploring the nuts and bolts and doing our tricky challenges by matching and making patterns.

We have improved our writing skills by completing the robot pattern cards and drawing pictures of robots and labelling them on the writing table.

Our robot theme is continuing on next week and we can’t wait for more fun learning!