Please see our weekly Forest School activities below! These activities can be completed by all age groups.

Forest School Fun

wc 30.3.20

Here are some fun Forest School activities to try this week. Get lots of fresh air, have fun with mud, make music and potions and observe the wildlife in your garden. We would love to see some of your photos. Enjoy and stay safe!

Celebrate the arrival of spring by creating a mini tree for your home

Materials required:

  • Secateurs and a saw
  • A small branch
  • Electric or hand drill
  • A small log or vase
  • Decorations of your choice

Method: Find a branch that you like – it can have buds, leaves or catkins on it. You can make your own holder by sawing a thicker branch or log into a 10 cm length and then drilling a hole in the top, or you can place your branch in a vase. Then make the decorations – they could be birds as pictured, clay eggs, mini nests or flowers.